Art made with Artificial Intelligence by Paul van Druten

Racing cars passing by at high speed

Colorful Bodypainting

Anton Pieck style paintings

A swirl of Klimt...



Runaway Train

Amy Winehouse

Edel & Weis

Little church on the hill

Who you gonna call? Ghostbusters!

Sunflowers by Vincent van Gogh

Mozart's Graveyard

Edward Hopper's Church

Drowning Redhead

Let it Snow...

My Red Umbrella

Natalie by Vincent van Gogh

Natalie in Oilpaint

Sunlight in her Hair

Vincent van Gogh, new self portrets

A Day at the Races

Girl with the Pearl by Mondriaan

New Edward Hoppers?

Christian Art by Mondriaan

She is staring at YOU!

White & Yellow Rose

Girls in the style of a modern van Gogh

Girls in the Woods & in the City

Pencil Drawings

The Dutch Wolf is Back

Scarlett in Oilpaint

Everyone should have an old Sugar Aunt

My Sweet Little Angel

Sky, mountain, trees

To the Spooky Castle

Altin Gün


Girls influenced by Gothic

Nighthawks by Van Gogh

Tulips for Barbara

Elderly lady and her pet Dragon

Colorful Trees

Evening in Springtime

I'm Free!